Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Provo Plein Air 2010

A few days ago Marie let me know about the Provo Plein Air Event. Even though she couldn't participate with her busy schedule, I thought I would try it. Kathryn said she would try too.

This morning Kyle and I headed up the canyon to South Fork. He did an awesome job of helping me pack my stuff around and set up. He enjoyed being out in nature and getting a fair amount of reading done.

While he was up taking a break, I busily painted away. I happened to glance over in his direction to see if he was back yet and saw THIS about 25 yards away! It was HUGE!

After several minutes it was frightened away by the loud noise of the park workers on their big riding mowers. One of them rode up to us and asked if we had seen the moose. I showed him the pictures and he said that he thought it was the one that chases people around. But he said at first he thought it was the big black bear that had been up there last week.

I didn't have it left in me to stay much longer. We packed it up and headed down to the lake to meet Kathryn.

The animals seem less wild down there. So, I think I'll paint there all day tomorrow. The paintings are due Friday at 1:00 for the gallery stroll that evening at Terra Nova Gallery.


Jean said...

WOW! Moose, Tigers and Bears. OH MY! You had better strap on a six shooter next painting trip.