Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm still painting!

This plein air painting is really challenging me. I told myself that I was going to keep at it all summer and then decide if I would continue with it or not. It is strangely addicting. Strange because, it's so frustrating. Why do I keep going out?
Marie and I had planned on going Saturday but neither of us felt quite up to it. She works at BYU full time and can't go in the day. I'm really too chicken to go by myself so, I got Kyle to go with me Tuesday morning.
He was going to read while I painted but the biting flies were bothering him too much. It was nice to have him along.This morning he didn't want to go with me so, I went alone! It wasn't even that bad. The bad thing is my painting. I am learning something new with each attempt but, my future as a landscape painter is in serious jeopardy!