Monday, May 31, 2010

Week #3 -Back to the River

Marie and I went back to the Provo river. She wanted to work again on the painting she started when we were there before.
The goal of a plein air painter is to keep the supplies as minimal as possible. But, how could I pass up this fabulous canopy chair? I keep adding more every week.
So far my painting is still working. It just might get past the danger point of being wiped.

Marie's painting from today.
This is Marie's painting from down by the lake.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week #2 -Down by the Lake

This week Marie and I went down by the lake. It was beautiful! We went later in the day and the colors became more vibrant as the sun was setting. The air was rich with the sounds of nature. Birds, horses, cows and airplanes, to name a few.

Many painters complain about the conditions of outdoor painting sometimes. So, we knew how fortunate we were to have the PERFECT painting day.

This week my painting was much more successful. I even began to enjoy myself a bit. But because I made a big mistake that I'm too embarrassed to reveal... I think this one will be a wiper.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plein Air Painting - Midway

For Mother's Day my sweet husband gave me some new painting supplies. So, I got to go try them out this morning with my friend Marie. She has a bit more plein air painting experience than I do and agreed to go with me.
We found a nice place by the Provo river. It was good to be out with the birds and fishermen and the sound of the running river.
It was a great Saturday morning with hopefully many more to come this summer.