Friday, September 25, 2009

Spring City Studio Tours

Saturday September 12th was the Spring City Studio Tours.
I took my favorite little traveling companion (and her doll).
The plein air landscape show was quite impressive this year.
This year turned out to be different. It was more about the other activities. At the farmers market I bought a box of peaches for $10 and some delicious tomatoes from the farmer who grew them. I also bought some marmalade and jam from a woman who showed me which trees and bushes the fruit that she used came from.

Having attended this event every year, it was fun to have it a bit different.


Denice said...

Love it gal... couldn't believe I saw that your blog had been updated... way to go! I go on spurts when I feel something interesting in my head... mostly it is just gabber! Love the fall in Utah... enjoy! xoxo D

julie said...

I love when you update, it's always fun to see some artsy stuff, my world lacks that right now!
what's up with RedRock and what should we do?