Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This past fall I had to pack up my studio to make the space look like a dining room again. This was to prepare the house to sell. I did set up an area in the basement so that I could paint. But, with all the work to do to get the house ready to sell, there wasn't much time for art. I now have a great space for a studio and even a separate office. The frustration now is trying to function and get something done only to find out that what I need is in some box somewhere. I still have a large mound of boxes to put away.
What I am referring to is not being able to find my printer cables among other things. Christmas Holidays and getting settled into a house don't leave a lot of time for art. The painting I'm doing nowdays is mostly on the walls. I set up a lovely still life of citrus in a stainless bowl. But because of all of my diversions, the lemons and limes have begun to shrivel. The orange has been replaced once already. I scrambled to take a picture of it so that I could remember it in all its freshness and have a reference to finish it after Christmas. Great idea if I knew where my printer cables were. Thank heaven for Walmart one hour photo service. I would post the picture but you can probably guess there are some bugs to work out there as well.
With Christmas this close and all the things left to do I probably shouldn't paint until after. But at least I have my picture!